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Dr. M in the Media

by Dr. Lynn Margolies


Dr. Margolies has appeared in the media on the news and talk shows, commenting on current news, events and trauma. She has been interviewed by the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Magazine, Teen Voices, WebMD, Women’s Health, US News and World Report, and the Massachusetts Psychologist providing information/consultation on: relationships, career, self-esteem, trauma/post-traumatic stress, professional issues in the psychology field, midlife crises, and other topics. She continues to enjoy offering this community service.

Dr. Margolies is a Contributing Writer for Psychology Today, Psychology Today Therapy Insider Featuring Dr. Margolies, and for many years before that was a Contributing Author for Psychcentral.com, voted to be one of the top 50 websites by Time. She has also written columns for various publications including a parenting column on MSPPinterface.org, a mental health resource for parents and teachers (now William James Interface Referral Service).

Psychology Today Therapy Insider Featuring Dr. Margolies

        Skilled, respectful, empathic, strong, open-minded, caring, supportive