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PSYCHOLOGY NEWS - The Science of Napping: The Ideal Time and Length for Maximum Benefits

by Dr. Lynn Margolies



Naps can improve alertness, mood, and clarity of thinking. But, unless you follow the rules of napping, naps can backfire:

…The ideal napping time is between 2 and 4 in the afternoon.

…A 20 minute nap is the best length.

…Naps that are 1 hour or more make people more tired and also interfere with nighttime sleep.

…People with sleep difficulties should not nap at all.

Cote, K. (2015, September). Ask the Brains. Scientific American Mind, 26(5), 70.

Being a working mom can benefit children:

…Research shows that when moms who work come home in a good mood, their kids' moods and sleep improve.

Lawson, K., Davis, K., McHale, S… (2014, December). Daily positive spillover and crossover from mothers’ work to youth health. Journal of Family Psychology, 28(6), 897-907.

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